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Family addiction treatment is a new way of looking at an individual’s addiction as it relates to others and their environment. This can look at where addiction comes from historically within a family dynamic, to how a family responds to treatment as a unit. Successful family addiction treatment oftentimes involves the entire family unit for support, counseling, and working on themselves.

Family addiction therapy isn’t just about supporting an addict. Family addiction treatment needs to be looked at so that family members understand their role in addiction. Find out how your family can benefit from a family addiction treatment program by calling Troy Drug Rehab at (518) 626-8511.

Family Members and Treatment

Oftentimes it isn’t only and addict that is going through addiction and the traumas associated with this. Families need to work together to repair and rebuild relationships that have been hurt by substance abuse.  Enabling and being supportive of an addict can be considered addiction as well. Therapy and treatment for addiction can help show that no one is to blame but everyone is responsible for recovery.

Families often play a role in an addict’s behavior and continued downward spiral. While they might not realize it, they are also addicted to being co-dependent and being there for an addict. Until an individual can hit rock bottom and be ready for recovery, usually family members step in and help an addict before they get to the point of needed to turn their life around.

Counseling and aftercare can’t be put completely on a recovering addict. Addiction therapy might start with the individual but healing and counseling should involve the family in order to be successful. Families tend to enable an addict without even realizing they are doing this.

Calls for help may seem run of the mill and not related to an addiction. If family members are helping out monetarily or providing shelter and emotional support, this makes it that much easier for an addict to function and not hit rock bottom.

Interventions can help by creating a bottom for an addicted family member to finally hit and go into treatment. With the help of family and addiction therapists, families are finally empowered to see that their actions directly affect an addicted family member that desperately needs help. By providing any sort of safety net while an addict is using is indirectly saying that this behavior is okay and will be tolerated.

Family Therapy

Family therapy and treatment works to have family members realize that they are furthering the addiction process. Family members can actually be addicted to the cycle and being there for their family member in unhealthy ways. Until this cycle is broken, the individual with the substance abuse problem will not have much of a chance for recovery on their own.

Therapy can be hard, especially for family member that might not see their addicted spouse or sibling’s issues as their own. By going through therapy, families can see through this and realize that addiction affects everyone and because of this, must be dealt with a united front. Helping an addict seek assistance on their own for their problems is something that needs to be sought after by everyone in a family unit.

Continued Care

Self-care and loving one’s self and each other must be retaught for a family to heal. Forgiveness is different than being a pushover and the difference can be taught in therapy. Family members may be hurt by an addicted individual either through lying, stealing, or being put in compromising positions. Once families can recover from what they have been through, the healing process can begin for addicts and the entire family.

After an addict comes out of inpatient drug treatment, family therapy can be a great resource to keep an individual on their road to recovery. Combined with other therapy, support groups, or outpatient programs, family therapy should be incorporated into continued relapse prevention. This isn’t just for the recovering addict, but for the family to learn how to react and respond to the recovering addict’s needs and recovery.

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